Megan Fatharly was born in Scotland where she grew up by the dramatic coastline. Spending her childhood by the sea she found her inspiration in nature's patterns and shapes. Ever since being a young girl she creatively engaged with materials and experimented with combining different processes. 

Printmaking is Meg Fatharly’s main art process which is something she found during her Art Foundation at Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall. Having always been an artist that works fast and spontaneous Meg discovered how the printmaking process helped her to slow down. With printmaking she’s allowed to get an idea out fast while at the same time finding space for the battle between her thoughts and the working process. 

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“This is why printmaking is such a special process to me. Its repetitive nature means I get lost in the rhythm of turning the etching press wheel, ripping the paper, and working my way through layering new ideas together”. 

After her Art Foundation Megan continued with a BA in Drawing where she both challenged and further built her visual language. Since graduating she has worked as an arts educator and artist as well as within the art industry. She sees the process of becoming an artist as something that is constantly ongoing. 

“Being an artist is something that is organic and ever changing. I love this fluidity as it enables me to experiment and learn new things everyday.”

Meg Fatharly describes her art as a moment. Her pieces explore fragments of the everyday and then puts them back together through layering and experimentation. The techniques she uses are a mix of embossing, printmaking, collage and finally also painting. She works with her intuition to let the materials and artistic process take the lead, allowing her to in an intimate way explore each piece through subject matter and scale. 

Meg Fatharly artist studio Meg Fatharly embossed artwork

“I would describe my aesthetic as an organic chaos that enables me to be fluid and reactive with my approach to creating art.” 

For The Ode To, Meg Fatharly has created a unique collection named “After Matisse”. The name comes from Meg’s inspiration from Matisse and his ability to simplify and refine through the use of line and shape. “After Matisse” is a series of work where the combination of collage and embossing is aiming to question the process of printmaking and thereby redefine a piece of work. Megan cuts all her moulds herself, adding the honest touch of true hand craft to each individual print. By using accents of patterns and raised surfaces, her pieces are exploring the juxtaposition between space and colour. 

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