The brains behind Moio Studio, the Berlin-based ceramic art studio, is multi artist Maia Beyrouti. With a strong interest in disciplines that mix art and science, and studies within photographic conservation and visual communication, Maia Beyrouti has a strong visual language. Since the start in 2016, Moio Studio has been her creative space to investigate the role of objects within areas such as art, craft and design.

With an eclectic background within arts, French-Palestinian Maia Beyrouti uses different creative practices to express her artistic voice. Inspired by architecture principles, the art usually takes form from her imaginary and emotional impulses. The art of Moio Studio combines storytelling and the expression of the material itself.

"I had a desire for small, playful, totemic pieces. Something fun but also solemn and statuesque, maybe even a little grotesque, and always within the dimension of forging a personal bond with them."

The collection “Gum Delirium”, created for The Ode To, includes a parade of small totemic and charming vessels. With inspiration from childhood fantasies, the art of Max Ernst and cartoon movies, these objects capture inner fantasies and memories. Each piece is handmade by pinching clay, and represents an abstracted sense of time and place. The use of bubblegum inspired crawl glaze, gives the sculptures an extra tactile dimension and adds a playfulness to the more sophisticated shapes.