Tropical fruits, a milk carton and a paint tin - typical everyday objects for most. But Danish artist Nanna Stech shows how these, and many other familiar things in our daily life, can be so much more. With a master in fashion design it wasn't until she discovered ceramics that she found her creative home. Working with ceramics felt more natural since it was a media where she could work with her beloved intuitive expression. Nanna Stech describes her aesthetics as intuitive and naive, where the perfect imperfectness is favoured. Inspired by surrounding things, she captures a poetic and playful perspective of what normally just pass us by.

"By seeing familiar objects in a media such as ceramics, makes us see the objects more and makes us think in a new way."

Inspired by everyday life, Nanna Stech has created an exclusive collection for The Ode To where small things are translated into ceramics. In her art she captures a poetic and playful perspective of the ordinary that results in objects that remind us to appreciate the beauty of things we are surrounded by, even the milk cartoon on the breakfast table.