We first got to know Dutch artist Nicola Kloosterman under her moniker Oh de Collage, or more specifically @ohdecollage, as she is quite a household name in the digital creative community. 

With scissors, glue and vintage Japanese ikebana flower photos she creates delicate collages. The idea is to create something new by extracting pieces rather than adding them. The end result is an airy and new interpretation of the original, which we find highly intriguing and exquisite. Creating something simple yet interesting is always the hardest thing and we consider that to be the ultimate proof of artistry. See all Nicola Kloosterman's artworks in the series Shadowplay. 


Nicola Kloosterman Shadowplay Collage

Flowers are an ongoing fascination for Nicola Kloosterman as they are both feminine and fragile and she uses them as a metaphor for feminine power. 

Nicola Kloosterman works as a visual artist as well as in law, which she thinks gives her the perfect combination of freedom to explore and stay grounded. 

"I am a minimalist at heart. I like to strip away as much as I can until I am left with the essence."

Nicola Kloosterman @ohdecollage artist portrait Nicola Kloosterman @ohdecollage artist portrait