Meet Noe Kuremoto - a ceramic artist that makes sculptures by mixing contemporary and sophisticated shapes with influences of her Japanese heritage. London based Noe Kuremoto is a passionate storyteller that fills her art with emotions, history and messages with a strong desire to give tribute to what she values in life. The art of Noe Kuremoto captures the natural beauty of life by using simple organic form without being neither predicable nor boring. The art is rather bold and exciting that transports the viewers to magical places through its unique expression.

We are thrilled to present the collection "Dogu Ladies" made exclusively for The Ode To. The collection is created as a tribute to all women and a recognition of the daily life struggle that comes from being a woman. "Dogu" refers to mysterious female figurines from prehistoric Japan and sees as a symbol of fertility, a promise of safe delivery for baby and mother and hope for the continuation of life. Through her art Noe Kuremoto wants to showcase the complexity of life as a woman, choosing path in life and the struggle of finding balance combining careers and parenting. “A fully functioning family appears almost like a myth.” That is a statement that probably many of us can relate to.

Photo: Kestutis Zilionis

A talisman for women.

For the woman who wants a child but fears the risk to her career.
For the woman who stares down the challenge of infertility.
For the woman who pumps every 3 hours to freeze her milk for the nanny.
For the woman who steps up to run the meeting without decent sleep for months.
For the woman who doubts her ability to be a mum. For the woman who makes more money than her partner and worries how the home will run when her new born arrives. For the woman who just had a baby and faces the intense, non-stop process of piecing together her new life
For the woman who seeks a second career after her children start school.
For the woman who thought she could return to work after 6 month but isn’t ready to leave her child at the nursery.

All power to you.
I am sending my power to you all.

Noe Kuremoto

Just like the female body – these sculptures show different shapes and sizes and Noe Kuremoto captures the true beauty of the natural diversity. She describes the sculptures as a salute to the strength of the career mother, her resilience and determination. We love artworks like these that are a treat for the eyes and the mind!