This artist duo found each other in 2017 while taking their Bachelors at KADK, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Copenhagen. Swedish ceramicist Alexandra Nilasdotter and Taiwanese glass artist Chien Kuang Liu (who also holds a Masters from Konstfack in Stockholm) are currently working out of Gustavsberg outside Stockholm.

They share ideas about craft and design and continuously challenge each other in ideas and craftsmanship. Their collaboration is based on a shared inspiration from everyday objects and rituals, Swedish and Taiwanese design history and traditional craftsmanship and the meeting between these two cultures. Normal Object Factory's creations are always functional but still sculptural. They describe their work as a play with the idea of what and how things should be and be used. And they do it so well. With great artistry they strip away anything unnecessary and give everyday objects clean, yet highly decorative, shapes.

Normal Object Factory has made a series that is only available at The Ode To and where each glass vase is different from the other. The Venn Vase - Camouflage Series after John Venn's interlaced circular diagram. The shape of the vase is designed to work in narrow window frames. The circles in the design make it possible to place individual flowers in a decorative way but can also hold an entire bouquet.

The pattern in this series, camouflage, is an investigation to what it really means to camouflage something. The designers have long seen the clear transparent glass as the elegant that fits into all environments as the clear glass picks up all the colors around and camouflages itself in the surroundings.

The series is a testament to their interest in craftsmanship and small-scale studio production as each vase is handmade in their Gustavsberg glass studio.