Painting on clay

At The Ode To we are always curious to learn more about creativity and artistry, so we asked Paola de Narvaez to tell us a little bit about her life, her art and her sources of inspiration.

What do you call your series of artworks?

– My series of vases is called the Prima collection. In Spanish, prima means cousin. I’m half Colombian, so I like to call my collection of female portraits my cousins. Prima also evokes uniqueness, purity and longevity. I think it’s suitable for a collection where white and clay meet, and the drawing carves the clay.

What technique have you used?

– I work with hand building, coiling techniques and liquid latex illustration. I often use white, grog stoneware and shiny white glaze.

What inspired you to create the artworks you have made for The Ode To?

– As an illustrator, I’m very interested in drawing on three-dimensional surfaces. I also love to play with materials. Painting with the glaze and latex makes my drawings a core part of the pieces, as the illustration is inherently painted ‘in’ the piece instead of ‘on’ it.

How would you describe your art and aesthetics in three words?

– Poetic, romantic, delicate.

Can you tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist?

– I come from an artistic family, my mother is a graphic designer, and my father is a painter. So, I always knew I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I played classical music and drew all the time during my childhood. Later, I studied textile design in Paris and graphic design in Brussels. I had been attracted to ceramics for a while, and when I moved to Antwerp, I decided to take some classes. I loved it so much I decided I wanted to make ceramics my job. Today I make my own collections and teach classes of ‘painting on clay’.

What we love about Paola de Narvaez:

We’re in awe of the detailed craftsmanship and strong, personal expression that is typical for the ceramic objects of Paula de Narvaez.