Creative duo Polymorf consists of Johanna Jonsson (architect, artist & photographer) and Albin Karlsson (architect & programmer) who started collaborating during their architectural studies. With their combined skills they investigate the intersection between craft, 3D printing and procedural design. 

We've been on a look out for a long time for someone with a unique expression in 3D printing, as we love when the rigidness of the digital world meets organic shapes. Polymorf's inspiration really work on this intersection:

"A big part of our inspiration is drawn from the formal language and expressions of various biological processes and physics phenomena: things that grow, decay, curl, crystallise, crack, melt or drip, for example. By designing and using digital, form-creating algorithms inspired by and replicating these processes, rather than directly designing the objects, we can generate expressive and highly intricate pieces to be accurately materialised through the means of digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing."

Polymorf artist portrait Polymorf artist portrait

We have curated vases from their Bubbler collection, which has soft and bulgy geometries. The shape starts with algoritms where each vase gets a unique shape through adding different inputs. After the 3D print creates the clay shape, the human hand then smoothes the shapes and finally it's spray glazed with two different tones. 

See all the various shapes and colours in Polymorf's Bubbler vases

Polymorf Bubbler vase collection