In between art and everyday objects  

The series of artworks that artist Sanna Holmberg, based in Malmö, has created for The Ode To is called Patterns. By painting on fabric, Sanna Holmberg has made a unique series of bold and colourful textile pieces, featuring a playful charm.

With Patterns, Holmberg wanted to catch the quick movements of the human hand making a sketch and transfer it to a larger format. First, she made several smaller sketches, then she used a beamer to scale up the sketches to fit a larger format, and finally she painted on the fabric.

“My work is based on concepts, but always strong in shape and form. I work in mixed media from ceramics to painting and I’m always drawn to simple shapes. In my work, imperfection is constantly present, the fingerprint, the touch of the hand or any slight imbalance gives the object life.”

Sanna Holmberg describes herself as someone who has always practiced art in different shapes and forms. And as we all know—practice makes perfect. In 2010 Sanna Holmberg started preparatory art school, which led her to continue to study architecture. In 2017, she graduated from Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design & Conservation. During her time in school, Sanna Holmberg studied a mix of art and architecture, and was drawn to the strong presence of shapes and concepts.

“My mind is constantly working, thinking about art and ideas. It’s a never ending, constant flow, and I somehow think that my everyday life wouldn’t work without the outlet that art is for me. Art both occupies my mind and puts it at ease.”

At The Ode To we are fascinated by how Sanna Holmberg explores and challenges the field between art and everyday objects. Usually contrasting in scale and proportions, her artworks always leave us wanting to discover more of her artistic universe.