Surrounded by inspiring craftspeople and artists when growing up, the creative lifestyle came naturally for Silje Lindrup. Raised in a small village in Denmark, she experienced how rewarding it can be to create something with your hands, and how important it is to our existence. At the age of 17, Silje Lindrup started assisting the neighbors’ glass blowing studio, which became the starting point of a strong interest for glass creation.

Learning the basic glassblowing techniques at The National School of Glass in Pukeberg in Småland, Silje Lindrup is today on her third year of her bachelor degree in art school Konstfack in Stockholm. By using glass as her primary material she creates objects that question the standards of how things normally look or feel like, by reinterpreting traditional objects. The creative process grows from a strong interest in the living processes where body, technique and material together decide the result. The energy and movement in the process, is present in all her objects.

The series Tursus, created for The Ode To, takes its inspiration from the human body. It captures the idea of us casted the same, but what happens inside of us, and what we each develop into, is very different. And that is exactly what she manage to exhilarate in her art: the beauty of differences created from the same ground. The art of Silje Lindrup combines colours, structures and shapes, which result in a unique expression that embraces and gives tribute to natural diversity.