The Ode To | Sissel Johansen | Artist Portrait

Sissel Johansen

Sissel Johansen has always been drawn to art, but first chose the "safer" route of cultivating her interest in the psychology as she started her career with a Ph.D. in Psychology. In 2018 she graduated from The Interdisciplinary Art School, DTK, in Oslo and blends her interest in the human psyche into her art.

"I am interested in the mind-body connection, and how psychological states can manifest in our body language and our gestures. In my work I explore how the bodily expression of inner states can be registered as marks and traces. The theme “Undercurrents” refers to both how the subconscious is affecting people´s thoughts, feelings and behavior, but also how people sometimes try to suppress certain thoughts or feelings."

The Ode To Sissel Johansen Artist Portrait

Her art practice is about being present and following the impulses of the moment, hence each artwork is made in one "take". Sissel Johansen's paintings tend to be minimalist and leave lots of empty space. She's drawn to Eastern philosophy of emptiness and fullness, where the unpainted surface can represent a positive force such as a quiet moment or something left unsaid. 

We'd love to fill our own walls with her artworks, so take a look at all Sissel Johansen's artworks

The Ode To Sissel Johansen Artist Portrait