Having always been a creative person with a somewhat restless personality, Sofi Gunnstedt chose to explore the infinite world of clay and ceramics. After studying multiple courses in ceramic formation she also graduated from a Bachelor in Ceramics and Glass at Konstfack in Stockholm.

With her interest in art’s place in the social context, Sofi Gunnstedt attempts to explore how art can translate between languages and be used as a tool of communication. By working in materials such as clay and ceramic, her sculptures and their shapes can express meaning - also when the right words are not found.

Sofi Gunnstedt’s aesthetic expression is about creating high quality and one-of-a-kind pieces while still portraying a somewhat messy attitude. She’s always balancing on the fine line of not stopping to continue in her already known patterns, and to explore and develop new ideas and concepts.

For The Ode To, Sofi Gunnstedt has created a unique series of ceramic vases called : ) / : ( . The series is inspired by the history of ceramics and how they’ve been used to tell the stories of the time of which they originate from. By adding emojis of today’s smartphones on a classic ceramic vase, the vases become an interesting mix of history and present time. Notice also the thumbed surface of the porcelain, a wink to how we use our phones by thumbing the screens.

We find the vases simply genius with their modern connection to history and it doesn't hurt that they make us happy and find them really beautiful.