We were first drawn in to Sofia Eriksson's work through her mesmerising metal mirrors, partly because we love their look and partly because you can see her love for the difficult material metal. We have a thing for art in different materials and have been looking for metal artworks for a long time, but they tend to look like something from the Viking era. Sofia's metal mirrors on the other hand have a softness and smoothness about them that we absolutely adore. 

Sofia Eriksson artist process Sofia Eriksson Mould process


Born and raised in Karlstad, Sofia Eriksson graduated with a MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm in 2018. A course in silversmithing at age 17, sparked Eriksson’s fascination for jewellery and metal, and ultimately her decision to become a jeweller. This knowledge from a related, yet different, field of interest, can explain Eriksson’s ability to continuously create intriguing expressions.

Sofia Eriksson portrait Sofia Eriksson sanded mould


With a background as a jeweller, Sofia Eriksson describes borrowing thematics and aesthetics from the jewellery field in her art, where desire, the human body and the use of ornamentation are recurring themes. Combining this with her fascination for the qualities within, as well as refinement and manipulation of, a material, contributes to Eriksson’s ability to create an element of mystery and magic in her objects. 

See the kaleidoscopic metal mirrors in Sofia Eriksson's artwork collection.  

Sofia Eriksson Bodybuilding mirror Sofia Eriksson Handmade moulds