We started working with Sofia Tufvasson a few years ago and her artistry has grown rapidly ever since. It feels like there's not a magazine issue that doesn't show her artworks, which is very well-deserved. Her sculptures are signified by clean lines, billowing shapes and a fantastic ability to catch light. 

Sofia Tufvasson Artist Studio Sofia Tufvasson Artist Portrait Morel Vase

In our experience, clay is a wonderful material with endless possibilities, but it seems to have a life of its own and never quite obey to our will. Therefore it's with great amazement we see Sofia Tufvasson master this pliant material into smooth shapes and three-dimensional wonders. 

Most often it’s in situations not related to art that I catch a stroke of inspiration. It’s usually just a shape that catches my eye that I later process and work into something new.”

Sofia's artworks show an interplay between soft shapes and graphic rigidness, which can be traced back to her Sofia's background as a graphic designer. Each sculpture is slowly crafted by hand and has its own unique shape, finish and expression - which really is the charm of handmade objects. We have picked our favourites from her home studio in Stockholm.

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Sofia Tufvasson Ceramic Artist