Sculptural shades

After working for almost 20 years as a graphic designer, Sofia Tufvasson decided to shift her creative focus to clay and ceramics. Today she is creating beautiful, handcrafted sculptures and functional objects in her studio in Stockholm. At The Ode To we’ve been following Sofia Tufvasson’s artistic career and have had the pleasure of working together with her for a couple of years. Her artistry always catches our interest, but recently we’ve seen a new development in her expression. Tufvasson’s ability to create sculptures defined by clean lines, billowing shapes and a fantastic way of catching light, is still intact. But her new collection of artworks expands her artistic universe, making it even more interesting:

”The pandemic allowed me to spend more time in my studio to develop my art. As always, I work with movement and billowing shapes that catches light and create interesting shadows. But I’ve also focused on developing some of my characteristic shapes into something even more sculptural and organic.”

Clay has always been a fascinating material for Sofia Tufvasson. Having worked in the two-dimensional world as graphic designer, the clay now offers her freedom to think and create three-dimensionally. Her work is inspired by everyday situations, the beauty of nature, an eye-catching shape, or a certain shadow.

“Most often I catch a stroke of inspiration in situations that are not related to art. It’s usually just a shape that catches my eye that I later process and work into something new.”

In our experience, clay is a wonderful material with endless possibilities, but it seems to have a life of its own. Therefore, it's with great amazement we witness how Sofia Tufvasson masters this pliant material into both clean, sculptural, and organic shapes as well as three-dimensional wonders.

We are intrigued by how Sofia Tufvasson's artworks unveil an interplay between soft, organic shapes and graphic rigidness. Each sculpture is slowly crafted by hand and has its own unique shape, finish, and expression - which we believe to be the irresistible charm of handmade objects.

"I create pieces that I would like to see in my own home. The goal of my art is to evoke a curiosity in the observer, I want them to feel a desire to touch and feel the object they have in front of them. I would describe my work as modern yet timeless. I want them to fit in every home and every style."

Some of the more functional artworks that Sofia Tufvasson used to make, like her characteristic vase Morel , has now developed into an organic sculpture, called Motion. At The Ode To we are curious to keep following Sofia Tufvasson, her amazing craftsmanship and her unique expression, bringing together sensibility, tactility, simplicity and beauty.