A glass sculpture shaped as a cheese snack, a shiny cloud and a leopard patterned vase. The art of Lisa Reiser, the brains behind the brand Studio Reiser, is least said extraordinary and a true mood booster. Lisa Reiser comes from northern Sweden and has an experimental and open-minded relationship to techniques as well as materials. She works very impulsively and finds her inspiration from everyday life, that usually transforms into creative ideas in her imaginative daydreams. For Lisa Reiser it is all about finding techniques and materials that feels joyful and simple.

Already as a teenager Lisa Reiser decided she wanted to become a designer, even if she didn't really know the meaning of it. But determined to fulfill her dreams, she worked hard and started at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. After her studies she was chosen for work scholarship as a designer at IKEA and since then, Lisa Reiser has been working broadly within design and never felt more at home.

In collaboration with talented craftsmen, Lisa Reiser is today producing small scale glass, ceramics and metal objects in Småland, in southern Sweden. She describes her aesthetics and art as playful, colourful and impulsive and even if the artoworks often are created from different ideas and techniques, the artistic voice of Lisa Reiser is always present.

It is quite an impressive journey that Lisa Reiser has done. Not only geographically from northern to southern Sweden, but also as an artist. From not even know the definition of a designer - to becoming a bold and confident artist and creator of beautiful art.