Turning memories into art

There’s something quirky and naïve about Tenko’s art, a sort of irresistible charm. Growing up in Japan, Tenko was not allowed to watch TV at home. However, at her grandmother’s place, she secretly used to look at TV shopping shows. Many years later, the shape of that old TV at her grandmother’s house, inspired Tenko to create unique, one-of-a-kind vases. Water, or the reflection of water, has also been a great source of inspiration.

“I have always been fascinated by things that remind me of waterlike tiles, glass and shimmering lightperhaps because the sea has been by my side since birth.” 

It was during her product design studies in Berlin, that Tenko started to blend artistic processes into her design works. Her aim was to tell a little story with her works, and to be able to enrich the lives of others. Today, Tenko is studying ceramic art in Halle and exploring ceramic from a freer perspective.

“I am fascinated by tiles that remind me of water. The sinks in my old house in Japan were tiled. Even now that I am living in Berlin, a vase can take me back to that moment in the kitchen.”

At The Ode To we are very excited to be able to present Tenko’s handmade series of artworks, called Memory Tenkos. Each piece is equally unique and playful, letting us get a glimpse of the world that Tenko grew up in. Has turning childhood memories into art ever been more charming?