When it comes to glass making, Tillie Burden has some serious expertise. She has made her way all the way from her native Australia via the US, London and Denmark to now reside in the glass epicenter Småland in Sweden.

Creativity has always been a part of Tillie Burden's life as she was fortunate to have artistic parents and therefore access to lots of art and crafts supplies. She's been hooked on glass ever since her Bachelor in Applied Arts with a major in glass. Through her travels she's worked in different studios around the world and has also further studied at the Royal Danish Academy (the glass department in Bornholm) and Riksglasskolan in Orrefors. She's now amassed 16 years of experience since her Bachelor.

Tillie Burden's work is characterised by colour and humour, while also finding new ways to express the glass material. In a way she doesn't want to take glass making too serious, but still always maintains good craftsmanship.

Tillie has made the series 'Tropical Shell' and 'Tropical Bloom' that take its inspiration from the exotic flora and fauna of her homeland Australia. It's the first time that the country inspires her, but with covid Australia suddenly feels further away and the vibrant colours there was brought into the pieces.

See Tillie Burden's glass artworks, all filled with colour and their beautiful essence of what glass can be.