Tove Blanck slided over to ceramics after having spent two years at the School of Architecture where she felt stuck by the computer and creating hypothetical projects. She felt the need to create something she could touch and learn a craft where she could know every aspect of the process. Tove had already studied ceramics at Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm and the love deepened as she moved to Öland (super picturesque island in the South of Sweden) to study at Capellagården. It seems like there's no turning back from the ceramics love for Tove now. 

Tove Blanck has made a series of colourful vases that practically exude happiness. Her aesthetics draws inspiration from vintage comic books and animations, as she finds them both dramatic and universal. Illustrations of cars, trumpets and cowboy hats get a sense of movement since they are put on a three-dimensional canvas in the shape of a vase. The pitch-black shadows is what Tove herself finds most significant in her expression since they add the drama. 

The series is called Blåst, which is a really clever play with words that is lost in translation, but it basically means both wind and stupid. "I wanted these vases to feel hopeful and also a bit naive. A longing for a time with no worries. Does it exist? Sometimes you just want to play dumb and pretend." 

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