The art of saying goodbye

Danish artist Trine Bork grew up with a crayon in her hand, encouraged to explore creativity and artistic endeavors.

“I’ve always liked to observe my surroundings and to make something out of those observations, to clarify or to transform them, using whatever material that was at hand.”

After finishing her studies in Fine Art Painting at the Glasgow School of Art, she moved to Berlin in 2005, appealed by its diverse and nourishing artistic environments.

Together with fellow artists, Trine Bork established two project spaces showcasing works by both emerging and established artists. After moving back to Denmark, Trine Bork was an active member of the artist-run exhibition space OK Corral in Copenhagen. It became a way for her to familiarize with the art environment in Denmark, and although engaging in artist-run spaces has been an important and inspiring part of Trine Bork’s practice, she has decided to focus on developing her own practice since 2020.

“In my practice I investigate painting as a place—a space, a tool—where I can reflect visually on how thoughts operate. I am interested in how observation, memory and intentions can translate into motifs, colour, application or composition.

Usually, Trine Bork investigates a motif or composition through various media: digital drawings, soft pastel drawings, paintings, textile designs and sculptures.

“I aim to create these fata morgana works, convincing in their own visual or painterly logic. In the same way that I enjoy using a broad variety of media, changeability is also a common trait in my practice. My recent shows have built on themes such as progressive illness, the importance of natural variation, teleportation, grief and the art of saying goodbye.”

For The Ode To, Trine Bork has created a series of artworks, using aquacryl on polyester, called "Enter Mountain, Lightly.” Trine Bork’s attempt has been to capture something as weighty and grandiose as a mountain in a fleeting moment—when one just glances out the window, perhaps only half awake, in the earliest of early morning hours.

“It’s like I am asking the day to begin so, so gently. Who knows what the day will bring, all I ask for is that the mountain—of chores! —outside of my private sphere will enter ever so softly and lightly.”

At The Ode To, we are happy to discover the poetic, thoughtful and emotional creative world that belongs to Trine Bork.