Oslo based furniture designer-turned-artist Vilde Hagelund’s path to art may not have been clear, but has nevertheless been natural. With a degree in multimedia technology, the need to create more physical, three-dimensional work turned Hagelund into the field of product design, with a specialization in furniture design. It was also through this that Hagelund’s love and understanding for wood as a material came to be, which is continuous in her artistry. 

Vilde Hagelund Artist Portrait Vilde Hagelund Artist Studio


The restrained expression that is witnessed in Vilde Hagelund’s artworks can only be made from someone who understands their craft and respects the material they’re working with. The use of wood combined with Hagelund’s appreciation for a more free, unpredictable language, makes her pieces seem shaped by nature itself. It is only through her equally big appreciation for geometric shapes, straight lines and clean curves, that reveals that her pieces have been made with intention. A combination of languages that initially contradict each other, instead manage to enhance one another, through Hagelund’s craftsmanship.

Vilde Hagelund Artist Studio Vilde Hagelund Wood Artworks


For The Ode To, Hagelund has created the series 'Remissus', consisting of a variety of birch barrels inspired by water drops and the unpredictable shapes they take. By drawing various shapes freely by hand directly on pieces of birch and making use of the negative space that appears when drawing, the result is curious, yet organic shapes. The barrels have then been hand carved to preserve the disparities in the shapes, which have naturally occurred when freehanding. Finally, the barrels have been carefully sanded to reveal the mesmerising texture that birch possesses. 

Though Hagelund’s work in many ways is a love letter to the variety of shapes wood can take as a material, she aims to explore other materials through various creative processes in the future. With her rare combination of a crafter’s hand, an artist’s eye and a designer’s mind, one can be sure that she will be equally successful with this. See Vilde Hagelund’s full collection here.

Vilde Hagelund Artist Process Vilde Hagelund Handmade Artworks