She used to be a dancer and was brought up by her choreographer mother. Perhaps it's this need for movement that has shaped Virginie's creative process. Virginie Hucher's process always starts in the middle of nowhere in nature. She uses nature as a canvas and draws in sand or snow using only a stick and then takes a picture of the shapes. When she gets back to her home in Northern France those shapes are translated with brushstrokes into paintings. 

Virginie Hucher creative process

Virginie Hucher graduated in plastic arts and trained in several striking workshops, where she developed her own abstract and natural geometry. Her oil paintings show organic shapes and bold colours in full harmony. Virginie is very focused on th environment and the paintings represent her own connection to nature. In her paintings for The Ode To we see leaves, rain and sunsets in new ways. 

Virginie Hucher artist portrait

Each painting is handmade and unique, meaning there's no two of the same. 

Virginie Hucher paintings