Photographer Xuebing Du grew up in China but is ever since University based in California, US. In high school she started out with painting and drawing but later moved on to study design in college. She holds a Master in Web Design & New Media from Academy of Art University in San Francisco and during her Master Xuebing Du started with courses in photography and fell in love with experimenting with the medium. 

With an urge to constantly release the visuals that exist in her head, she usually creates a body of work based on a certain mood and theme. It has made her work both interesting and consistent. Xuebing Du works with digital photography and photo post-production. 

Xuebing Du’s artistic expression and production is focused on elements in the natural world capturing deserts, plants and flowers. By emphasising texture, light, and color she is with her work capturing the essence of the beauty of nature. Her aesthetics are drawn from the 80s and 90s yet with a mix of more modern features. 

For The Ode To, Xuebing Du has created a limited photo edition of three individual pieces with the flower photographs representing beauty and femininity. From her California lifestyle she has found inspiration from the sun, the light and the temperature of the air. From observing blooming flowers in the sun and studying their shape, depth and the tender texture of their pedals she was filled with the urge to frame them. 

Xuebing Du Artist Portrait

The photo called Sand Dunes was created on one of Xuebing Du’s trips to Death Valley National Park where the simple yet sophisticated shapes of nature spoke to her. She has later played with the colours of the photography to create more of a dreamy and graphic feeling. 

We love her natural yet surrealistic way of capturing the lovely beauty of nature. To discover for yourself, explore the full collection of Xuebing Du.

Xuebing Du Sand Dunes Photo