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Our Art Advisory Board

Think of us as your eyes in the art world. We keep our ears to the ground and scan the internet, graduate shows and magazines to scout the most interesting artworks and promising artworks out there. 

We also have an esteemed group of art advisors that keep extra sets of eyes out to source artists from all over the world. They are people that we ourselves admire for their expertise with design and art as well as their impeccable taste. 

Karolina Modig

She’s a journalist (Svenska Dagbladet), editor (ICON Magazine) and writer, with an admirable knowledge of art and the effects it has on our lives. She has also co-founded culture site Below Beneath and written two acclaimed art books; ‘Häng konsten lågt’ (Hang it Low’ 2015) and ‘The Value of Art’ (2013). She has her own art collection in her colourful and frequently featured home in Stockholm. See Karolina Modig's favourite artworks

Ivania Carpio

She’s an art director and consultant based in Rotterdam. Her work is characterised by a distinctly focussed aesthetic, a minimalist point of view and a contemporary use of materials. Her ideas take shape through product design, art direction and photography. She has pioneered a signature style of visual communication through her digital journal Love Aesthetics since the late 00’s. Discover Ivania Carpio's art favourites

Linnéa Salmén

She’s the interior stylist whose work we always return to for inspiration on the perfect creative mess. She’s a treasure hunter with a knack for finding bold shapes, eclectic materials and objects with a sense of humour. She lives in an old artist studio which is crammed with things, a minimalist would pass out before even leaving the hallway. See Linnéa Salmén's artwork favourites