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Selected by Karolina Modig

Karolina Modig portrait

Karolina Modig is a journalist (Svenska Dagbladet), editor (ICON Magazine) and writer, covering mainly art by trying to understand how art effects society and the people in it. She has also co-founded culture site Below Beneath and written two acclaimed art books; ‘Häng konsten lågt’ (Hang it Low’ 2015) and ‘The Value of Art’ (2013). She has her own art collection in her colourful and frequently featured home in Stockholm.


"I’m captivated by art that speaks to me either in terms of aesthetics, the level of craftsmanship and proficiency, its intellectual ability, or the way it evokes memories or feelings. It can also be a brilliant creative idea behind the art that I’m drawn to. The artworks that I’ve selected here are a mix of all these elements: they tickle, satisfy, jolt, caress and attract - all at the same time. These pieces mediate emotions and states of being that I want to surround myself with, both for my well-being and to shake-up my safe box of thoughts. " - Karolina Modig / @johannakarolinamodig