The Ode To | Holiday Gifts Selected by Linnéa Salmén

Selected by Linnéa Salmén

Linnéa Salmén works as an interior stylist and her artfully "messy" style is a constant source of inspiration for us. She is often described as a picky treasure hunter with a special place in her heart for vintage and crafts. She lives in an old artist studio which is crammed with things, a minimalist would pass out before even leaving the hallway.

 “I like to mix shiny and matte, knotty and smooth, graphical patterns and a dash of pastel. For me it is all about the shape of a piece, while I love it to be eye-catching and have a calmer tone of colour at the same time. For instance, Sofia Tufvasson’s sculptures with a contrast of softly draped shapes and hard ceramics, just blows me away.” – Linnea Salmén / @linneasalmen