The Ode To | Holiday Gifts Selected by Ivania Carpio

Selected by Ivania Carpio

Ivania Carpio is an art director and consultant based in Rotterdam. Her work is characterised by a distinctly focussed aesthetic, a minimalist point of view and a contemporary use of materials. Her ideas take shape through product design, art direction and photography. She has pioneered a signature style of visual communication through her digital journal Love Aesthetics since the late 00’s.
"I love works that have open for interpretation. Where you’ll discover new perspectives every time, works that trigger the imagination of the viewer. The anonymous portraits by Emma Wiik really speak to me in that way. I am also obsessed with the floral collages by Nikola Kloosterman, who boldly eliminated almost the whole bouquet, yet at the same time she leaves you with a stunning, slender shape of shadows that look like an Ikebana flower arrangement." - Ivania Carpio / @love_aestethics