As a strongly creative soul and excellent craftsperson Ally Powell has a unique expression and playful approach to art. By being experimental within traditional ceramic making, she is best known for her twisted sculptures. That is also what caught our eye - sculptural art that is visually playful and bold.

Based in England, artist and ceramicist Ally Powell was first drawn to clay whilst studying for her degree in Decorative Arts. Inspired by art in her surrounding, she found a deeper interest and involvement into the world of contemporary craft where she discovered a joy for making and the tenacity required to work with clay. Through her work she aims to push the boundaries of traditional processes, creating beautiful objects that provoke curiosity.

Ally Powell has developed a significant aesthetic and artistic voice. Within her practice, she examines movement as well as fluidity and shows how simple and soft lines can be transformed into something more complex and living. We are more than happy that Ally Powell has curated a selection of artworks for The Ode To. The Tangled collection made for The Ode To includes bold as well as natural colours combined with unique and hand painted patterns. By using molds she builds different parts together into a united and perfect form. These sculptures creates unique and beautiful excitement!