The art of the Spanish artist Sara Regal is playful and inventive. After her studies within product design, she moved around Europe and worked across diverse disciplines within furniture, interior and set design. A strong interest in material became more and more influential, and she started to explore and develop her own methodologies. This became the starting point of her experimental and brave approach to material use and production.

"I developed my own methodology, where experiment and questioning the applications of the material work as the starting points. I enjoyed the experimentation with my hands so much that I decided to go further and make objects myself."

With a strong influence on colour trends and art direction, Sara Regal has found her own expression and material structure. By using a mix of mineral powders, polyurethane, lacquers and pigments she has crated the series Cream Decay for The Ode To. By working closely with a recycling factory in Mallorca she transforms waste material into fantastic objects in a contemporary and sustainable way. It's impossible to not be amazed by the fact that the amazing art of Sara Regal is made from waste material. And that is what the collection "Cream Decay" captures; a softer expression of something decomposed.