Copenhagen-based artist Tilde Grynnerup's creativity holds no boundaries - this multi-disciplinary artist has spent a decade writing songs, another decade working in fashion and constantly creates art. We have a soft spot for wall sculptures and find her colourful reliefs made from cut and layered wood to be especially eye catching. 

Tilde Grynnerup's artworks are primitive in the sense that they are easy to love at first glance, while they also have a sophistication about them. This artist sees herself as driven by social indignation and a general curiosity about people and life, which comes to show in her playful attitude. 

Tilde Grynnerup artist portrait

"I like the thought of touching something within, by using simple words, shapes and colours."

The handmade artworks are created in a small forest where her retired carpenter  father has a wood workshop which they share. Tilde's inherited craftsmanship naturally comes from her father and she even sees woodwork like family. 

Tilde Grynnerup Nordic Flowers Tilde Grynnerup wood workshop

 Tilde Grynnerup has created a series of artworks just for us and it's exclusively available at The Ode To. It's called Nordic Flowers and is an ode to the Scandinavian sisterhood and the deep connection and shared history we share here in Scandinavia. Not the least, the artworks have delightful summer colours and abstract and geometric floral patterns. Discover all Tilde Grynnerup's artworks

Tilde Grynnerup wood artworks