Danish artist Wendy Plovmand has a profound background within art as she has a Master of Arts degree from The Royal Danish Academy as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree from Central Saint Martins in London. But it all started even before the degrees. Like for many artists her creativity was apparent even as a kid when Wendy made mini installations in her room, made collages and drawings.

The road to artistry grew even stronger as she from age 15 and 10 years onwards worked as an assistant to artist Lin Utzon (yes, the daughter of the architect). Today Wendy makes paintings as well as large scale installations for public spaces.

Wendy Plovmand's work is typically playful, layered and filled with colours. The artworks are formed in an intuitive process where she uses her hands as mush as scissors and brushes to form patterns and layers. We love the fresh breath of colours and the Scandinavian simplicity in a more colourful form.

Wendy Plovmand Paintings