Posture Vase n. 1

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Studio Kleiner | Posture Vase | The Ode To

 Material: White Arabescato marble, Brass rod
Size: height 40 cm, width 7 cm, length 7 cm
Designer: Carl Kleiner
Producer: Bloc Studios

This is a vase that lets you position flowers into different sculptural shapes, which really show off their beauty. It's handmade in Italy with singular craftsmanship and bespoke finishing by the renowned producers Bloc Studios. The marble is white with grey details. 

The concept of the vases came about when the designer and photographer Carl Kleiner experimented to control flowers into installations that made them look alive. Kleiner often does very conceptual photos characterised by great light. 

Fun fact - our Co-founder Anna used to be Carl Kleiner's agent, so she knows first-hand how meticulous and detailed Carl Kleiner is. 

Photo credit: Studio Kleiner (for the good and crisp photos)

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