STHLM Creative Edition 2023

Exhibiting: swedish women in art

For this years’ STHLM Creative Edition we’re welcoming you to an exhibition showcasing the work of some of the most inspiring and talented female artists in Sweden today. As curators, we have carefully selected each piece to represent a diverse range of styles and mediums, from paintings to sculptures to mixed media artworks. Our mission is to give tribute to the exceptional artistry of these women and provide a creative platform for their work.


Psychedelic Mirrors And Roots

The artist Caia Leifsdotter is presenting a series of artworks called 'Psychedelic Mirrors And Roots'. The pieces transform the inspiration of nature and reference the impact that natural elements have on our minds. Her artworks are both delicate and bold. They transform in light and position, adapting to their surroundings.

Read more about Caia's artistry and process here.


Holy shrooms

The artist Erika Kristofersson Bredberg is drawn to the synthetic and artificial, which is a contrast to her upbringing where the forest was her playground. The series she is presenting for this year's Creative Edition is called 'Holy shrooms.' It consists of free blown glass artworks inspired by the power of nature, Jadis the white witch, and vatos locos.

Read more about Erika's artistry and process here.

Sara Lundkvist


Sara Lundkvist has given her series of artworks the collective name 'Wonders'. The techniques used in the creation of these pieces are glass casting and flame working. The inspiration behind creating these pieces came from her desire to create her own supernatural world filled with magical objects. Lundkvist draws inspiration from various sources such as sci-fi, nature, and different phenomena. If her art and aesthetics had to be described in three words, they would be "Lust, Otherworldly, Magic."

Read more about Sara's artistry and process here.

Jennie Petersen

Party Of Four

Jennie Petersen is showing us a series of artworks that’s been given the name "Party of Four". Her technique is using acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Her main source of inspiration for creating these artworks comes from her admiration for women who are strong and unapologetically themselves, who don't conform to beauty standards, and who go against the current. She wants to showcase a mix of seriousness and lightheartedness in their expressions, representing the struggles that most women face today. She hopes to create a contrast between the two and make the viewers feel a range of emotions, from attitude to sadness to courage. If she had to describe her art and aesthetics in three words, it would be “stripes, wine, and women”.

Read more about Jennie's artistry and process here.

Josefin Tolstoy

Curvy Straight Lines

The artist Josefin Tolstoy is showcasing a series of artworks which has been given the name 'Curvy Straight Lines'. Her inspiration behind creating these artworks comes from her never-ending urge to stay creative and the need to keep painting, perhaps for the sake of her own well-being. For this series, she has used acrylic and mortar on cotton canvas, which is then framed with raw or whitewashed Swedish pine. When describing her art and aesthetics, she would use three words: geometric, calm, and colorful.

Read more about Josefin's artistry and process here.

Amanda Malm

Soft And Hard Feelings Floating In Thin Air

Amanda Malm's art floats in between different materials, feelings, and expressions. The series of artworks that she has chosen to call "Soft and hard feelings floating in thin air" visualizes the many emotions the human mind holds. Amanda’s main source of inspiration comes from materials and the limitless nature of art itself which sparks her creativity. Malm has used different techniques for this series, such as glass fusing, clay, and acrylics on canvas. When asked to describe her art and aesthetics in three words, Amanda responds with "abstract primitivism, playful, and maximalistic."

Read more about Amanda's artistry and process here.

Fanny Ollas

Pet Me

The artist Fanny Ollas has combined ceramics and fake fur to create her series of artworks called "Pet Me". The vases are half ceramic and half foam and textile, designed to be functional yet whimsical. Drawing inspiration from her background in fashion and textile, she wanted to create hybrids that blur the boundaries between functional object, sculpture, and design. She aimed to make objects that are both fun and comforting, like furry friends you want to pet, especially during uncertain times. Her art and aesthetics can be described as emotional, humoristic, and colorful.

Read more about Fanny's artistry and process here.


Glitter Litter

The artist Lisa Vaccino is presenting a series of artworks called 'Glitter Litter.' She chose this name because it's all about taking random rubbish and stuff and transforming it into colorful centerpieces. To create these pieces, she used air-drying clay and acrylic paint. Her inspiration for these artworks comes from nostalgia and attention to detail. She finds inspiration in the little things in life and enjoys taking seemingly unremarkable objects and turning them into something beautiful. If she had to describe her art and aesthetics in three words, she would say they are "ugly-cute," colorful, and whimsical.

Read more about Lisa's artistry and process here.