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Kassandra Widmark Utas | Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: Stoneware with pink matte glaze
Size: 22 cm high & 25 cm wide
Exclusively available at The Ode To

This vase is organically shaped and brings a subtle drama to a room with its dusty pink surface. There's only one vase like this and it's clearly unique. 

About: Kassandra Widmark Utas is a musician, drawer, sculptor and glass maker based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a wide range of creativity and mediums that are signified by voluptuous lines and unconventional ideas. Read Kassandra Widmark Utas' artist portrait

Details: Signed at the bottom by the artist. This clay isn't waterproof, so the vase is best used as a sculpture or for dry flowers. Please note that all handmade artworks may have slight charming imperfections. 

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