Bon Bon

3.900 kr 4.900 kr
Helle Mardahl | Bonbonnière Glass Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade limited edition
Technique: mouth blown glass
Size: ca 23 cm high

This is as much a sculpture as a vase. Bubblegum colour, billowing shapes and a smooth surface. Helle Mardahl's Candy Collection is drawn from the child memories of confectionary stores with their shapes, colours and desires. Each vessel is handblown with odd shapes and welcomed imperfections. The glass lid is removable. The artwork is signed on the bottom. 

About: Danish Helle Mardahl is a multidisciplinary artist working across a spectrum of installations, glass, painting, fashion and interior design. Read Helle Mardahl's artist portrait.

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