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Polymorf | Bubbler Vase | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade and unique 
Material: 3D printed clay
Size: ~ 31 cm high, 16 cm wide
Exclusively created for The Ode To

This bubbly vase is made using both hands and 3D-printing where each vase gets a unique shape and finish. The initial shape is created using procedural design tools where an algorithm is using different iterations by varying the parameters. Basically, the bubbles will smaller, wider, longer, depending on the numbers put into the algorithm. After the 3D print, the surface is smoothened by hand and the bottom is added. Lastly, the vase is spray glazed with two different glazes. 

Polymorf: Johanna Jonsson and Albin Karlsson make up the creative duo that together have artist, architect, photographer and programmer backgrounds. Their inspiration is drawn from the formal language and how it can replicate biological processes like curling, growing, melting or dripping. Read more in Polymorf's artist portrait

Details: It's signed on the bottom by the artist. Please note that all handmade objects may have charming little imperfections and colour variations. 

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