Des paysages dans la téte 6

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Zahra Holm | Des paysages dans la téte | The Ode To

Editions: Original artwork (unique)
Material: Oil on 
290g Paper canvas Linen Texture
Size: 24x33 cm
Details: Sold unframed

We love the clean lines paired with the bold colours of this painting. Zahra Holm’s work is colourful, feminine and free. Being drawn to the female form, her pieces tribute the essence of femininity, focusing on the modern female by bringing forth questions around both beauty ideals and gender roles. Each painting is handmade and unique. The painting technique is layered and you can see individual brushstrokes, which gives the painting a tactile and authentic feel. 

Zahra started her career within film scenery but now works full time as a painter from her studio in Paris. To get to know her better, read the full artist portrait of Zahra Holm.

Details: It's signed by the artist at the bottom and named and signed on the back. 

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