Dunes I

2.900 kr
Dunes I vase | Josefina Feurst | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade and unique 
Material: White stoneware clay
Size: ~ 22 cm high, 27 cm wide
Exclusively created for The Ode To

This handmade vase by Josefina Feurst is a love story to the sea. It's kept raw, which gives a surfaces that is reminiscent of wet sandy beaches and it billows like sand dunes. The inside has a glossy glaze that brings to mind the meeting between water and land (and also makes it water proof). This vase is wide and heavy and will give a subtle yet substantial impression. 

The vase series "Coastal Stories" is an hommage to the sea and Josefina Feurst's fond childhood memories of time spent by the Swedish coast. Moments of total freedom and carelessness, while wading in the sea and carefully picking a particularly beautiful sea shell. The series also connects to calming and comforting effect water has on the artist as well as most humans. Find out more in Josefina Feurst's artist portrait

Details: it's signed by the artist on the bottom. Keep in mind that all handmade artworks can have charming little imperfections. 

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