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Sofia Tufvasson | Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: Stoneware with white glaze
Size: H31,5 W19,5 D15,5 cm

Elli is a delicate sculpture that bears artist Sofia Tufvasson's signature simplicity. The inspiration comes from an elephant silhouette. ⁠This sculpture has lines that are chunky with a graceful shape to them and a slightly rugged surface. This Elli sculptures has beautiful arches that stretches across a table or shelf. As always with Sofia's work it casts a beautiful shadow and looks beautiful as the light changes. ⁠There's just one artwork like this and all sculptures in the Elli series have their own distinct shape. 

Details: It's signed on the back by the artist. Please note that all handmade objects may have charming little imperfections and colour variations. 

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