Endless Game

6.500 kr
Florence Bamberger | Handmade Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade and unique 
Material: Hand-painted ceramic
Size: 32 cm high, 29 cm wide, 11 cm deep
Exclusively created for The Ode To

Florence Bamberger has created a unique series 'Graphic Games' featuring pieces made from modelling with sandstone, inspired by both antic Roman ladies and a double man portrait. Her pieces tell stories with curvy lines echoing the soft movements of a pencil stroking a paper. We love the connection to nature with the abstract natural shapes and hand-traced lines on this large vase. 

Growing up in Paris, Florence Bamberger later moved to London where she graduated with a Bachelor in Graphic Design that she later continued with a Master in Art Direction from ESAG Penninghen in Paris. Read more about the artistry of Florence Bamberger.

Details: It's signed on the bottom by the artist. Please note that all handmade objects may have charming little imperfections and colour variations.