Final Drawing #21

4.700 kr
Joakim Nyström | Final Drawing Wood Artwork | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: stained pine wood with yellow wood frame
Size: Width 32 cm, height 42 cm
Exclusively created for The Ode To

Final Drawings is a series of artworks made in wood with hand-made cut-outs. The works are results of a process where all possibilities of hesitation are removed. Drawing with a technique that prevents you from correcting, erasing or even stopping for a moment creates a tension and a special focus in the present moment. What is drawn can not be undone. The first draft becomes the final drawing.

Each artwork requires time and dedication. Organic patterns are cut by hand with a wood router in one go directly into the painted wood board. The edges of the pattern is then filed by hand for a nice finish and a thin wood frame is attached. The entire artwork is made entirely out of wood. 

About: Joakim Nyström is a designer and artist based in Stockholm. He holds an MFA from Konstfack Collage of Arts and Crafts and works with design in various contexts. Joakims practice always starts from tactile experiments with materials and form. His projects often revolves around different states of a specific material. Usually wood. Read Joakim Nyström's artist portrait

Details: Mounted with hooks on the back for wall hanging. It's signed on the back. 

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