Crooked Friend In Lime

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The Ode To | Glass Vase | Kassandra Widmark Utas

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: Mouth-blown glass 
Size: 12,5 cm high, 14 cm wide
Exclusively available at The Ode To

This is as much a vase as a sculpture. Why use vases that you put in a cupboard when you don't have fresh flowers? The vase is mouth-blown with billowing shapes. The green coloured glass is simply smashing. There's only one vase like this. 

About: Kassandra Widmark Utas is a musician, drawer, sculptor and glassblower based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her drawings and sculptures are minimal, but dramatic. Read Kassandra Widmark Utas' artist portrait

Details: Signed at the bottom by the artist. Please note that all handmade artworks may have slight charming imperfections and glasswork especially can have little air bubbles. That's the beauty of things that aren't made by machines. 

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