1.750 kr
Devyn Ormsby | Glass Lemon | The Ode To

Editions: Handmade in unnumbered editions
Material: Crystal glass
Size: 7,5 cm long (like a small lemon)

This is a reimagined and modern version of fake glass fruits. It's a crisp, translucent and colourful piece of eye candy made in solid crystal glass by New Zealander Devyn Ormsby. Each fruit is cast by hand in a lost wax process and where the fruit is finally chipped out from layers of silica and plastic. The glass gives beautiful coloured reflections and the lemon is smooth to the touch. It's engraved with the artist's signature on the bottom. 

We've stalked Devyn Ormsby and her instagram account Devon Made for ages and are happy to be her only supplier in Europe. 

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