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Erika Kristofersson Bredberg | Glass Sculpture | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Material: Mirrored recycled glass
Size: 16 cm high, 13 cm wide
Exclusively created for The Ode To

This mouth-blown glass sculpture is bold and pretty at the same time. It flirts with popular culture and uses the aesthetics of cartoons. The sculpture is a humorous take on our most classic modern symbol with a mischievous smile. There's only one sculpture like this and Erika Kristofersson Bredberg's glass artworks are super popular and are often sold instantly. 

It's mouth-blown in the artist's very own glass studio and made using sustainable production with recycled glass in a furnace powered by bio gas. Glass is a difficult material to master and this sculpture has fantastic craftsmanship and finish. 

About the artist: Erika Kristofersson Bredberg has an extensive expertise in glass making and even runs the glass studio Glasbolaget outside of Stockholm. Erika has a Bachelor in fine arts and glass from Konstfack in Stockholm. She's also a member of the glass collective Boom! which aims to spread the creativity of glass making. So lots of love for the difficult and wonderful making of glass. Read Erika Kristofersson Bredberg's artist portrait

Details: the artwork is etched on the bottom of the artwork. The sculpture is hollow and silver plated on the inside. You should avoid touching the inside to keep the silver surface intact.

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