Mould IV

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The Ode To - Lillian Tørlen - Mould IV

Editions: 1
Technique: moulded and hand shaped off-white clay
Size: ~23 cm high
Made exclusively for The Ode To. 

This as much a sculpture as a vase. Each one is softly shaped and is if melted it follows the environment around it. The vases in this series for The Ode To are all made in the same mould but shaped individually to fit onto corners and edges. The title refers to both the way they are made, their origin, as well as the act of forming and being formed. This particular one floating on an edge, so you can place it on a book, box or table. Lillian Tørlen's artworks are subtle and clever, with a dash of humour. 

About: Norwegian Lillian Tørlen studied at Central St Martins in London and Konsthøyskolen in Oslo. The act of creating has been there throughout her life, from doodling in school books to theatre prop making to ceramics. Read Lillian Tørlen's artist portrait

Details: The artwork is signed on the bottom and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Please note that all handmade ceramic objects have charming little imperfections from the drying and burn process.

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