My Photo Books

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Lina Scheynius | My Photo Books | The Ode To

Editions: First edition of 1000
Detail: 11-book box set, 806 pages, A5
Producer: JBE Books

Lina Scheynius is our dream photographer and her photos has been on top of our wish lists for years, but we simply can't afford them. Which is why this box set that gathers all of her 11 photo books is a real collector's item. 

Lina Scheynius' work is characterised by sensitivity and a raw, yet poetic intimacy. She's portrayed every aspect of her life and her photos depict the life of a 21st-century woman. The images are taken between 1991 and 2018. With an essay by Joël Riff in a booklet. Release date December 2019. 

"These books. My sketchbooks or notebooks. The space where i feel completely free to show my photographs the way i want to show it. A place where i can try out and experiment. Sometimes fall, sometimes surprise myself. Each book a testament of where i was and who i was when i made it." - Lina Scheynius

About Lina Scheynius: she's Swedish and has lived in London since she was 19. She started her delicate documentation of her life in 2002. She's had multiple solo exhibitions across the world. One of the big names within photography if you ask us. 

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