Oranges & Lemons

1.900 kr
Meg Fatharly | Oranges & Lemons | The Ode To

Editions: 6 handmade editions
Technique: embossed mixed media collage 
Size: A5 (21x14,8 cm)
Exclusively available at The Ode To

This artwork is part of a unique collection named “After Matisse”. The name comes from Meg Fatharly’s inspiration from Matisse and his ability to simplify and refine through the use of line and shape.

The artwork is made by pressing a relief into thick paper using handcut moulds and a printmaker (this is good old-fashioned stuff). Then Meg individually paints each artwork with water colours. We love the textures, sweet fruit and very personal interpretation of a classic motif. 

“After Matisse” is a series of work where the combination of collage and embossing is aiming to question the process of printmaking and thereby redefine a piece of work. Megan cuts all her moulds herself, adding the honest touch of true hand craft to each individual print. By using accents of patterns and raised surfaces, her pieces are exploring the juxtaposition between space and colour. Read more in Meg Fatharly's artist portrait

Details: this collage is embossed in 6 editions and then each one is hand-painted, so every edition will be slightly different. The artwork is signed and numbered by the artist. 

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