Diverse Art

17.500 kr
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Soraya Forsberg | Diverse Art Painting | The Ode To

Editions: Unique & handmade
Technique: Paint on plywood
Size: 180x125 cm (in the two pieces combined)
Exclusively available at The Ode To 

In “Diverse Art” the artist Soraya Forsberg manage to capture the poetics of geometric shapes. By combining different shapes and colours in perfection this piece of art shows on true craftsmanship. The blue and orange colours creates a fascinating effect that makes the shape look almost three-dimensional. The result is a unique painting that makes an impact wherever it is placed.

By using materials in the surrounding nature Soraya Forsberg gives waste material a new life. “Diverse Art” is a series of artworks made on reused plywood with carefully chosen colours and forms.  All the artworks consist of two pieces which makes the artworks twice as nice. We love that the painting has a lot of opportunities when it comes to placement. The painting works well both horizontal and vertical and can be placed on the wall as well as on the floor leaned against it. Or why not create something exciting and unique by placing the two pieces divided around a corner? As the name tells this artwork can be diverse and shifting – dare to be creative and playful!

Details: Coloured screws for each corner are included. The idea is to keep the screws visible and attach the two art pieces straight to the wallThe sides of the plywood are painted in rusty red.

PLEASE NOTE! We only ship this artwork to Swedish customers, due to the size and shipping cost. But we can make anything happen, so email customerservice@theodeto.com for special international shipping quotes. 

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