Junk Symphony

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The Ode To | Lisa Vaccino | Unique Painting | Junk Symphony

Editions: Unique & handmade
Technique: Gouache on fine 300 gsm watercolour paper
Size: H36 W51 cm

Exclusively available at The Ode To 

This is an amazing painting of contemporary everyday life, but with a surreal twist. The level of detail is extraordinary and the motif pinpoints both nostalgia and modern norm core. It's a contemporary piece of pop art if you ask us. 

Details: It's painted with Gouache, which is a kind of water colour that has more pigment than the more commonly known aquarelle colours. The result is that colours are more intense. The original is signed by the artist. Lisa Vaccino's motifs often vary and there's only one painting like this, so you'll definitely get something unique. 

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