2.500 kr
The Ode To | Anna Norrgrann | Rhythm

Editions: 1 (handmade)
Technique: drawing with fade-resistant ink marker pen
Size: A3
Exclusively available at The Ode To

Anna Norrgrann's series of drawings called Rhythm are made in a meditative state of mind where patterns are brought out in an unforced and slow process. The drawings' repetitions, waves and patterns give a deceivingly three-dimensional effect. Quite mesmerising. Each one is entirely unique. 

About: Anna Norrgrann is a Gothenburg based jeweller that always kept drawing alongside her jewelry work, but it has now taken over the majority of her time. She's got a Master of Fine Art in Crafts from the renowned HDK (Academy of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg. Read Anna Norrgrann's artist portrait

Details: please note the variations in sizing in case you buy more than one artwork and plan to hang them together. the original is signed by the artist. It's shipped in a protective cardboard. You may frame it to your liking. 

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