Tre Tjejer

4.250 kr
The Ode To | Emma Wiik | Painting | Tre Tjejer

Editions: Unique & handmade
Technique: Acrylic paint on MDF
Size: 40,5 x 40,4 cm
Exclusively available at The Ode To

By using different colours and shades Emma Wiik captures a moment in reality in a colourful and poetic way.  In the painting "Tre Tjejer" (Three Girls) Emma Wiik shows her unique tone of voice, her great craftsmanship and attention to details. The result is a painting with lots of expressions and personalities. It is hard to not be attached to this wall art! 

This painting is a handmade original artwork, meaning you see the brush strokes and will be the exclusive owner of this artwork. 

Details: The original is signed by the artist. The paining has no hook on the backside, but can be framed or simply pined on the wall.

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